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Haiti *E*

Date of Birth: June 16, 1989
Amiego Handel Carajan


Cajenne 6

Hapag Komet
Abiza *E* Maharadscha Famulus
Abendrot Absalon
Heimische Gazal (Ar.) Gazal VII (Ar.) Gazal II (Ar.)
129 Shagya XXV
205 Kuhaylan Zaid ox Kuhaylan Zaid ox
21 Kuhaylan Haife ox
Heimliche Carajan Herbstwind
Cajenne 6
Heimkehr Heimdal

Record of Offspring:

Heinzelmann (a.k.a. Storyteller) - March 1994 approved stallion by Bukephalos
Hilton - May 1995 approved stallion by Bukephalos
Hela GS - May 1996 mare by Always Run Lucky xx
Haydn GS - May 1997 gelding by Apache
Hades GS - May 1998 gelding by Adrian
Hortensia GS - May 1999 filly by Adrian
Hamburg GS - June 2000 gelding by Adrian
Heidi GS - June 2001 mare by Heling
Hannover GS - March 2003 gelding by Heling
Helga GS - March 2004 mare by Heling
Happy Jack GS - April 2005 gelding by Ferrari
Humble GS - March 2006 stallion by Ferrari
unnamed - April 2007 colt by Arapaho (died at 2 wks)
Holly GS - March 2009 filly by Heling
Hosanna GS - April 2010 filly by Heling
Hope GS - May 2011 filly by Donaudeen
Harry GS - May 2012 colt by Donaudeen