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Elliot GS

Date of Birth: April 2, 2007
April 29/09  April 29/09

In the video, please note that Elliot had never previously been separated from his pasture-mates.
Although it had rained for much of the morning, and the footing was less than ideal, he was still willing to try something he'd never done before.

Heling Bukephalos Insterfeuer Pelion
Balleyvergin Lady xx Seminole II xx
Some Sister xx
Halima Consul Swazi xx
Hella XI Postillion
Elmchen Heinzelmann
Bukephalos Insterfeuer
Balleyvergi Lady xx
Haiti *E* Amiego *E*
Heimische *E*
Euphrates Apache Merkur *E*
Alouette *E*
Edelweisz Handel