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Photo unavailable at this time
Date of Birth: 1997
Always Run Lucky xx What Luck xx Bold Ruler xx

Nasrullah xx

Miss Disco xx

Irish Jay xx Double Jay xx
Irish Witch xx
Big Puddles xx Delta Judge xx Traffic Judge xx
Beautillion xx
Mountainville xx Warfare xx
Safe Home xx
Aida Handel Carajan Herbstwind
Cajenne 6
Hapag Komet
Abiza *E* Maharadscha Famulus
Abendrot Absalon

Record of Offspring:

Arnold GS - April 2001 gelding by Hilton
Atlanta GS - June 2003 filly by Heling
Allargando GS - June 2004 gelding by Heling
Arriana GS - July 2005 filly by Voltaire
Arthur GS - July 2006 colt by Ferrari
Annie GS - May 2008 filly by Arapaho
Arietta GS - June 2012 filly by Donaudeen